Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Computer Performance

How To Speed Up Computer? Do you think your laptop is getting slow and needs a booster? Every one of us searches for different upgrades and software to speed up PC.

Undoubtedly, up-gradation is one of the best and easiest ways to improve the speed of your system. But besides it, there are several other economical and most effective ways to give a new life to your sluggish laptops or computers.

So, stay here to complete your reading and get to know the best ways to speed up the computer.

How To Make Your Laptop Faster?

The following are some of the most wonderful ways to keep your computer clean and to run it smoothly and speedily for a longer time.

1.      Uninstall The Unnecessary Software And Old Files

Most of us are completely unaware of a couple of preinstalled files and therefore never use them. So, you need to identify them and then delete all of them as they are of no use for them any longer. 

2.      Add RAM To Your Computer

The memory could also be a possible reason to slow down the speed of your computer. So, you can add the RAM to improve your laptop’s memory, which can also boost your PC’s memory.

3.      Limit The Programs At Start-Up

Many files run in the background as you turn on the computer. So, you can check out these files, manage these files, and decide which files you want to run in the background. In the case of Windows 10, Task Manager helps you in this regard.

4.      Don’t Forget To Shut Down.

You may find it a silly idea, but I believe it could be a great help. Try to shut down your computer when it is no longer in use, and you can also unplug it. You can try it, and this will improve the speed of your system.

5.      Clear Your Browsing History & Cookies

If you want to boost up the browser, it would be better to clear the browser history. And never forget to remove all the cookies. All of these files can slow down the speed of your computer.

6.      Do Not Disable Automatic Updates

There is a lot of software which are updated automatically. These are responsible for keeping your devices safe from all types of malware. So, never turn them off.

7.      Clean Your Drive

Try to keep your drives clean, as these files can also pile up slowly and slow down the computer with time.

8.      Check-Up For Malware And Viruses

Ensure the computer is completely from all the files that start with “mal,” as it can affect you completely badly. Moreover, try to scan your computer regularly to keep all the viruses and malware away from it.

9.      Get Solid State Drive

Another upgradation which you can make in the computer is to install the solid-state drive. It would surely improve the speed of your laptop, including the start-ups.

10. Switch From Internet Explorer To Chrome

Google Chrome is quite faster as compared to Internet Explorer. So, try to switch from Explorer to Chrome as soon as possible. And if you have not downloaded chrome yet, hurry up. You are already late!

Final Thoughts

Nothing could be more painful than a slow PC. It could happen for multiple reasons, like you may have downloaded multiple files due to software installation, or your computer needs an up-gradation.

Many of us try several hacks just to run the laptops fast, but they have to slow down at any cost. So, stop searching for ways to speed up a computer and follow the trick described here to speed up a PC.

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