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When something goes wrong with your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, it can seem like your whole world has crashed.

To some, that might sound a bit over the top. But for many people, it’s a reality. A computer can be the main – or sole – tool of trade, and a smartphone is the main gateway to contacts.

Fortify247 has been repairing personal computers for more than 40 years, and we’ve seen just about everything that can go wrong. With access to every hardware and software vendor in the UK, we can source the right part for any machine, and we can pass on big discounts to customers through our Microsoft Partner status and membership of the Synaxon Group.

How much will the repair cost?

Not every company will let you know their prices upfront. At Fortify247, we’ve always worked with the philosophy that knowledge is good: the more you know, the better. We believe in providing you with as much information as possible, and that’s why we tell you our prices before you even make contact.

See our PC Fixed Pricing and Mobile Fixed Pricing for a comprehensive price list. These prices might change over time, but we guarantee to honour the prices displayed at the time you book a repair.

The whole package

If your machine is being troublesome, and you feel it might need a check-up and some remedial work – or if you’d just like your hard-working device to receive a service – why not choose one of our set plans.

Silver Repair is for when there’s no rush. We’ll keep your device for seven to ten days, and fix any issues.

Gold Repair is faster. You’ll have your machine back in three to five days.

With Platinum Repair, you get a dedicated technician and a 24-hour turnaround.

If, however, you just want to find out what’s wrong with your computer, you can bring it in to us for a diagnosis. Having found out what the problem is, we’ll give you a quote for fixing it. It’s up to you, of course, whether or not you bring it back to us for repair. This service takes three to five days.

Contact us

If you’d like us to fix your computer or to diagnose a problem, just get in touch via email ( or telephone (01263 823 812) to arrange a day and time to drop it off.

Knock down ginger!

Now, here’s the fun bit.

Due to the current social-distancing laws, we have a procedure in place that we like to call knock down ginger. Yes, you know how it works. At the arranged time, you place your computer outside our door and ring the bell.

Then you scamper away to the gate, which is approximately two metres from the door. We’ll collect your computer and set to work.


Article produced for and on behalf of Fortify247 Ltd by Hazel @ Folio Copywriting

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