Do You Have Parental Control over Your Kids’ iOS Devices?

If your child’s using an iOS device, there are loads of options when it comes to parental control over the content they can access.  

Keeping kids safe through Parental Control of Devices

To allow, or disallow, Safari, Camera, Siri, or FaceTime, just go to Settings, to General, and then to Restrictions. You’ll use a passcode to authenticate the actions you take. 

Besides having the ability to prevent the downloading of apps and content, you can also make sure that your little angel doesn’t uninstall anything – for example, that super little maths app you’re so fond of. 

If you choose not to place a blanket block on downloads, you can restrict your child’s access to apps and media according to the content’s rating.  

Restricting your child’s device to Safari, Apple’s own search engine, means that you can block adult content or, even better, allow access to specific websites only. 

The Family Sharing feature on Apple’s devices is great. In order to download anything, a child is required to ask permission. Until you allow it, no action can be taken. It’s worth pointing out, however, that Family Sharing doesn’t prevent a child from accessing an app that’s already on their iPhone. It only works with new content. 


Although iPhones enable you to allow specific apps and media, there’s no facility to disallow specific content. Nor is there a way to impose a time limit on your child’s use of an iOS device. 

To impose a time restriction or to disallow access to particular content, you can use OurPact, a third-party piece of software with a pricing system based on the features you require and the number of devices you want to control.  

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