Tech Tip: Keep your Computer Keyboard Clean

Somebody, somewhere, has worked out that a computer keyboard harbours ten times the number of bacteria as a toilet seat. The reason for this horrific statistic is that toilets are cleaned regularly and computer keyboards are not.

Prevent Your Computer Keyboard from Getting Dirty

Firstly, it’s a good idea to prevent your keyboard from getting too dirty in the first place. General debris – biscuit crumbs, animal fur, hair, eyelashes, house dust, spittle – is a life source for bacteria, but also a physical obstruction in the keyboard mechanism. When your laptop is not in use, keep it closed, or cover your PC keyboard with a clean cloth. 

It’s important to have clean, dry hands when touching your keyboard. Sweaty fingers cause more wear and tear on the key coatings, and, of course, unwashed hands are carriers of bacteria.

Clean Your Computer Keyboard

To clean your keyboard, turn your computer off and disconnect from the power supply. Using a soft brush, gently brush between the keys and then wipe them with a clean, damp cloth. A little antibacterial spray won’t do the keyboard any harm, but make sure to spray it onto the cloth – not directly onto the machine.

There’s a marvellous product available that brings to mind some vague memory of Dr Who in days gone by. This cleaning gel – malleable, glutinous, and generally of a ghastly hue – is laid over the keys and gently pressed into the crevices. When removed, it brings debris and germs with it, leaving a nice fresh smell. 

Cover it Up

One way to keep your keyboard clean is to have it permanently covered. Ultra-thin silicone keyboard covers are available for just a few pounds. They provide a total barrier against dirt, they’re easy to apply and remove, and they’re washable.

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