How to Boost your Wi-Fi signal on your device?

Slower Wi-Fi spoils your Internet experience, especially when you shop online, play games, and stream movies. It annoys you when your Internet browser keeps spinning without loading the requested web page. There are ways; to improve your Internet speed for better experiences with gaming, video streaming, and working!!

You may experience Slow Wi-Fi signals due to the following Factors:

  • Lower frequency signals like 5GHz partially absorb into objects like walls, furniture, and home appliances. However, higher frequency signals don’t penetrate the solid obstacles.
  • In populated areas and apartment buildings, network signals can interfere with one another.
  • A router with lower capacity can’t provide reliable Internet access to dozens of nodes.
  • The lower bandwidth of the Internet connection can halt your browsing.
  • Troubleshooting fails; speed is not the same as advertised by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Test the Internet speed and complain to your ISP.

There are five ways to boost your Wi-Fi Speed:

1. Use a stronger password to cut off the bandwidth leaches:-

Hunger for an open and fast Internet connection is real. Protect your network with a unique password and use a password manager. You can also create a separate guest network if you have a lot of guests at your home.

2. Select a different Wi-Fi channel:-

If your router has set on the default channel (1 or 6), switching to some less

occupied channel can boost your Internet. A Wi-Fi has multiple non-overlapping channels like lanes on the highway.

3. Reboot your Internet device:-

A simple “on and off” clean the router’s memory and considerably improves your Internet speed. If it starts installing the updates during the reboot, you must wait until the update process completes successfully.

4. Router’s firmware must be up-to-date:-

You must log in to your router’s interface; to check the latest available updates. Updated firmware has the latest fixes for known problems. It also ensures that your router is secure and working at its maximum speed.

5. Replace the older router, buy a newer one:-

The latest high-end routers process your Internet data faster. If your Internet device becomes out-of-date and causes poor network performance, you can request a newer one from your ISP.

Six ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal Strength:

  • Place your router in a right position.
  • Purchase a Wi-Fi booster/Repeater.
  • Use a powerful router antenna.
  • Optimize your router settings.
  • Use current Wi-Fi technologies and move to 5GHz.
  • Use a Wi-Fi extender to extend the signal range.

Selecting a central, higher, and open place for the router speeds up the Wi-Fi signals!!

Metal objects and appliances emit electromagnetic waves. Placing your device

closer to them will create a dead zone as these are the top disrupter of Internet signals. Other materials like wood, plastics, glass, and foam also disrupt the wireless signals to some extent. So, placing your router at some central higher position is a good idea.

Wrapping Up:

Purchase a better Internet plan according to the amount of bandwidth you need. You can also contact your Internet Service Provider and ask them for troubleshooting. Their team will resolve the network issues allowing you reliable Wi-Fi signals.

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