Tech Tips: Laptop Security Tracking Software

Question: What can you do to protect your laptop against loss or theft?

Answer: Not a lot.

Question: How can you maximise the chance of recovering your laptop and data after loss or theft?

Answer: A lot.


The first step towards laptop security is identification. Make sure that you keep a record of all serial numbers printed on the case, so that in the event of your laptop turning up, you can prove to lost property staff, rail personnel, and police officers that it belongs to you. It’s also a good idea to write your name or phone number on the machine with a UV pen. When police recover a laptop, tablet, or phone, they’ll always shine a UV light on the device in case there are identifying marks. 


Of course, in most cases, the information held on your computer is far more valuable than the machine itself. Many hours of work, important information, and personal details that could be used for identity theft, would be a devastating loss. To increase your chances of recovering a lost or stolen laptop, there are several tracking programmes available, like Prey, which is compatible with most operating systems.

Remote Access

With Remote Internet Access to your laptop, software such as TeamViewer can copy or delete data, lock the device, take screen shots, and operate the web-cam – a particularly effective facility when it comes to identifying a thief! By geo-location, the software can track down the lost or stolen laptop.

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Article written for and on behalf of Fortify247 by Hazel @ Folio Copywriting.

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